Apple Drops Patent Claim Against Galaxy S III Mini

Kevin December 29, 2012 0

Apple has decided to withdraw its patent claim against Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, a mid range device with high-end display which Samsung has announced would not be available in the US market. Since Apple’s main problem with Samsung is centered in the US, Apple has considered it better to exclude this device from the lawsuit. This was announced by Apple on Friday in US District Court in San Jose, California.

Previously, Apple had asked the court to include Galaxy S III Mini as well as several other Samsung smartphones and tablets in its ongoing patent litigation against Samsung. Samsung, on the other hand, asserted that the inclusion of Galaxy S III Mini is not justified since the device would only be available for sale outside of the US.

Samsung has been facing hard time in its lawsuit against Apple, particularly in the US. Recently, a court verdict required Samsung to pay $1.05 billion to Apple in terms of damages. However, Apple has so far failed to secure a permanent ban on several Samsung products, including its highest selling devices from the Galaxy line of smartphones. Patents against Galaxy S III Mini were separate from the trial that is underway.

After the immense success of the standard version of Galaxy S III, Samsung launched the mini version of the device in Europe in October. Apple based its accusation on the stance that its lawyers were able to purchase several units of Galaxy S III Mini from and deliver them inside the US. But Samsung maintained that the company has not been making, selling or offering any third-party retailers to sell the device inside the US. As a response, Apple withdrew its claim against the device while asserting that if the circumstances change in future, Apple might change the stance as well.

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