Apple iPod Nano (7th Gen) Review: Loveable

Kevin December 17, 2012 0

The iPod has seen a change in shapes ever since it was released. You may have the fat version, the small version, the tall and thin version, the high res screen version, and basically every form factor has been applied to the iPod Nano. And now finally Apple has returned to the most loved form factor, thin and slim. The latest iPod Nano is a loveable device and is the best MP3 player bar the iPod Touch.


The iPod Nano seems to be like a mini iPod. The small and petite shape of the Nano is dominated by the touch screen and a home button up front. The left side of the device has the volume control buttons. If you hold the home button you can speak to get the track you want. Pressing the home button for a short while will pause the current track and double clicking will take you to the next track. The overall design of the iPod Nano is excellent and we love what Apple has done with it.

Display and Video

iPod Nano 7th Gen Screen

The small screen has a resolution of 720 * 576 and can play a video at 30 FPS. The small screen may not be the best for your eyes though it is good for the some light movies and TV shows especially if you don’t have any other portable device. The resolution is more than enough and Apple again has done a good job in this department.

FM Radio and Sound Quality

Finally!! Apple has decided to make the FM radio available in their iPod Nano. You may think that the FM radio is such a basic feature and why are we getting excited about it. Well it is because Apple hasn’t included this feature in any other iPod Nano or Touch devices. And boy is the FM radio good! A great feature in the FM radio is the option of reviewing the last 15 minutes. Well done Apple.

iPod Nano 7th Gen Close up

Moving on to the sound quality, the iPod Nano is excellent. We would go as far as to say that the iPod Nano is one of the best sounding MP3 players. The basic headphones that come with the Nano are great but plugging in a custom headset will improve the sound tenfold.

Battery Life

Well no Wi-Fi, a smaller screen, no app download and no frills make this last for around 30 hours. This is quite excellent we think since the Nano is basically a music player. Overall the Nano performs commendably and serve your music needs very well.


The iPod Nano is a great device. And as with every Apple product it doesn’t come cheap. But the no frills device, along with excellent sound quality, a great tiny screen with the option of FM radio combine to make this a great buy. If you have to buy one MP3 player than this is the one to get!

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