Apple Wins Fresh Galaxy Patent Fight With Samsung in Dutch Court – Apple vs Samsung

Kevin November 30, 2012 0

Almost every week we hear some news related to seemingly endless ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung over the patents. According to the most recent one, a Dutch court has ruled that some older models of Samsung smart phones infringe Apple patents related to scrolling of the pictures. Apple had filed a complaint claiming that some of the Samsung devices infringed on its patent for technology that allowed scrolling through a photo gallery.

The court at Hague ruled that these devices do actually violate Apple’s patent EP 868. Samsung devices included in the ruling are those which run Android 2.2.1 up to 3.0, although this does not include those devices which do not have the Blue Flash update. Galaxy devices with this feature sold in the Dutch market since 2011 include Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S and Galaxy S II.

Regarding the damages, Apple claimed that it deserves the full profit made by Samsung Benelux in the Dutch market from the sales of these devices. However, the court asserted that while compensation should be in order, the actual sum should only consist of the profit that Samsung made because of that particular feature.

The detailed ruling of the court asked Samsung to turn in exact sales figures of the aforementioned devices to Apple within a period of no more than eight weeks. Besides, Samsung would also face a penalty of €100,000 for each day that Galaxy devices with the feature under dispute are available in the Dutch market.

Samsung showed its disappointment over the verdict and said that Apple is responsible for limiting the choice for the customers and that the claims made by Apple do not carry any weight. Last month, in a separate case, it was ruled by the same court that Samsung does not violate Apple patents related to multi-touch technology. Besides, Apple has previously also lost a case related to the claim that the design of Galaxy Tab is copied from the iPad.

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