Boat Browser Review

Djordje Jovanovic January 18, 2013 0

Boat Browser Review

Boat Browser Mini is just another free internet browser in a sea of other (similar) browsers on the Android market. Just like other mobile browsers, Boat Browser is also in the top downloaded browsers.

You can get this application in two versions. Boat Browser, which is normal browser with all of the options and full support, and Boat Browser Mini, which is meant for less-powerful devices, that don’t have a lot of memory, or a powerful processor. In the Mini version, a lot of options are disabled in order to save resources. Boat is similar in design to the Dolphin browser, which was the most useful one, but now it is obsolete.

Boat Browser Screenshot 1

Boat Browser has everything that other browsers have – full control of open tabs, saving bookmarks, adding favorite pages to your speed dial, privacy settings, and you get to choose a User Interface for the opening of web pages, and many other details. What makes the Boat Browser stand out from the rest, is the possibility to choose a theme, and the possibility to add plug-ins. Yes, I am aware that the Dolphin browser has these options, but like I said, it became obsolete.

What I like even more is the Night Mode, a mode that replaces the white background on web pages to a black color, and reduces the brightness of the screen to your choosing, which is a very useful thing.

Boat Browser Screenshot 2

The key is that this browser has all of the options that other browsers have, but it burns through less of your resources, and the user experience is more simpler and heart-felt than in other browsers. You don’t have to take me on my word, but I recommend that you download it and try it, see for yourself, I believe that most of you will continue to use the Boat Browser as your default browser.

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