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Djordje Jovanovic January 17, 2013 0

This is another one of those apps that will immediately win you over with it’s likable interface and transition effects, that can be proud of not only visual qualities, but excellent functionality as well. Conceptually, the application is like the Evernote app, so it allows you to make your own categories, add location tags, share your contents with your friends, and a bunch of other stuff.

Catch Notes Screenshot 1

On the main screen, we have three sections, or should I say categories, that can contain you notes and checklists, but only two of them are obligatory, meaning that you can’t remove them. The first one is called “My Ideas”, and it’s always in a “private” mode, so you can’t share the contents of that category with other people. The second permanent category is called “All notes”, and as you can probably guess, this category contains notes from all other categories. The third kind of categories is user defined, and you can assign not only the name to it, but a color as well.

In the central bottom part of the screen, you will find the “+” button, whose function is simple, and that’s to create new content. With a likable animation, you will see a half-circle menu, from which you can choose the wanted type of note, and that can be a reminder, a photo (whether from the gallery, or directly from the camera), a text message, an audio recording, or a checklist.

Catch Notes Screenshot 2

After you create new content, you can later assign it to a subcategory, and also add a location tag. Catch Notes brings a somewhat innovative way of “scrolling” through your notes – when you reach the end or the beginning of a document, flicking your finger in the same direction will initiate a transfer to the next or previous document in the current category. Online synchronization is supported, as well as exchanging contents and collaborating with other users.

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