Microsoft Surface Pro for Business

Kevin December 1, 2012 0

Microsoft just released the details for its upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. This tablet, running Windows 8 Pro, would be available in two versions. The 64GB version would be available for $899 while the 128GB version would cost $999. The release date, as stated on the official Microsoft blog, is January 2013. The home version of the tablet, running Windows RT, is available in 32GB and 64GB models.

The home version of the Surface comes with ClearType HD Display of 1366 x 768 pixels. Compared to this, Surface Pro is equipped with ClearType Full HD Display of 1920 x 1080 pixels. A fact to be noted about Windows 8 Pro tablet is that, unlike the home edition tablet, Microsoft Office is not included in it.

The base price of Surface Pro does not include the keyboard, which can be purchased separately in two different forms. The Touch Cover is a thin and ultra-light dual keyboard cover and is available for $119. The Type Cover, on the other hand, comes at $129 and is similar to a conventional keyboard.

Specifically designed for the business users, Surface Pro runs all the current Windows 7 desktop applications. Besides, the device also integrates with the existing corporate infrastructure. For full integration, however, you would need to run the professional version.

A clear downside of Surface Pro is that it would have approximately half the battery life of Surface RT. The battery life of Surface RT, as advertised by Microsoft, is 8 hours of reading and 7.5 hours of video time. So the battery life of Surface Pro is expected to last just about 4 hours, which is not pleasant news for business-oriented Windows users.

It would be impossible to predict anything about the future of Surface Pro at this stage. Among other factors, the high price of Surface Pro would also a turn off for many people.

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