Samsung Chromebook 3 Review: CheapBook

Salman Asad January 5, 2013 0

Samsung are seemingly ever present in every new technology that appears in the market and Google are always there to support them. Such is the case with the Samsung Chromebook 3.  A comprehensive review will let you decide whether this $249 price tag is a bargain or a garbage bin addition.


Powered by Intel, Samsung takes on the same silver brushed metal effect design as its predecessors. The compact design and weight puts this in to the ultrabook category as well.  The Chromebook 3 weighs 1.1 KG and has a 11.6 inch screen making it very pleasant to hold and operate. For $249 the plastic material is quite acceptable especially since Samsung has done a great job of making this look attractive.


The low cost hasn’t dissuaded Samsung from making a good keyboard and trackpad. Though the quality isn’t up there with the Macbook but still you will appreciate what Samsung has managed to do. The chicklet style keyboard is well built but isn’t the best out there. The wrist rest is suitable for short usage as you may feel uncomfortable with longer usage.

The touch pad is very responsive though and makes using Chrome OS a breeze.  Multi-touch gestures are spot on and the only complaint that you can have is that the touch pad is a bit cramped.


The 11.6 inch display is good with nice colors and brightness and matted coatings to fend off glare.The viewing angles aren’t the best though. You can play 720p videos but 1080p videos won’t work unfortunately. Considering the cost, the display is pretty good but Samsung had to cut some corners indeed.


The Samsung Chromebook features an ARM processor rather than an Atom. The Chromebook is powered by a 1.7 GHz dual core chip and 2GB RAM is built-in to increase the performance. The processor is good enough for browsing and daily usage for most people and 720p videos run without stutter. And if you want to play games then that is an option too but the choices are very limited.

Battery Timing

The battery timings are pretty good and you can squeeze out around 6 hours with WIFI on and brightness turned to half. If you are only listening to music then the Chromebook will last a little longer.


At $249 you will be hard pressed to get a better looking and faster performing machine. Samsung has done a good job in making the Chromebook 3 and provides users with a cheap and usable alternative. It is also good to see that Google is supporting the Chrome OS fully and that the OS is growing slowly but surely in to something worthwhile. We recommend the Samsung Chromebook 3 fully. Even if you don’t like it you won’t be losing a big bag of money.

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