Samsung Series 7 Gamer: Gaming Delight

Salman Asad January 13, 2013 0

Samsung Series 7 Gamer: Gaming Delight

Gaming laptops are not known for their portability and light weight, rather they are popular because of the raw power and their ability to render the latest games playable. But they are also quite expensive which is expected considering the powerful hardware that is built in to these monster machines. And Samsung’s Series 7 Gamer is one of those monster machines. Priced at $1,899 this machine will fulfill all your gaming needs and then some and is available at half the price of the Alienware M18X. Read on to find out if how the Series 7 Gamer fairs in our various categories.


Samsung Series 7 Gamer - Design

If you ever wanted a gaming laptop but were holding out because all gaming laptops looked downright obnoxious then your wait is over. The Samsung Series 7 Gamer is professional looking almost bordering on business machine territory. The plastic look shouldn’t mislead you, this is one solid machine. With brushed metal looks and sleek lines the Samsung Series 7 is one good looking machine. The laptop measures around 1.96 inches in thickness so you won’t be moving it around a lot and it may just replace your desktop machine.

Keyboard and Trackpad

Samsung Series 7 Gamer - Keyboard

Departing from the norms of island style keyboards Samsung has gone with the traditional classic keyboard layout with the Gamer 7. The keys are well laid out and typing feels easy and comfortable enough. But typing is not what you will be doing most of the time so let’s move on to gaming. The keyboard doesn’t disappoint in the gaming department as well and the keys are highly responsive. Although you won’t be getting any of those ‘special’ gaming keys, the overall performance is credible.

One of the most irritating things about trackpads is that they can interfere with your typing. And the Gamer 7 has one such trackpad. The trackpad though works very well and with lots of rooms to maneuver and is quite responsive. But a proper mouse is essential for gaming.

Display and Speakers

Samsung Series 7 Gamer - Display

The display is one of the most important aspects of a gaming machine and without a properly good display any gaming laptop will falter. Thankfully the Samsung Series 7 Gamer is packing quite a punch in this department. The 1920 * 1080 resolution display featuring 400nit brightness is nothing short of jaw dropping. Everything is crisp and clear and the color representation is stunning. This 17inch display is a winner through and through.

The speakers are a bit of a hit and miss. The output quality is nothing to shout about though Samsung has managed to thankfully keep the quality consistent at higher sound levels as well. A good gaming headset comes highly recommended though.


The Samsung Gamer 7 is packed to the brim in this category as well. Featuring a 2.3GHz Core i7 CPU going up to 3.3 Ghz in turbo mode along with 16GB of DDR3 memory and paired with a NVIDIA GTX 675M GPU this is one awesome machine. Games like Crysis, Oblivion, Batman Arkhum Asylum and other modern titles all perform exceptionally well. This gaming laptop blows away any gaming test that we put it through. Awesome!

Battery Life

With great power comes poor battery life, something which holds true for the Series 7 Gamer. The laptop will last you for around 2 hours of gaming and can be improved using the laptops ‘Green’ mode which will add around half an hour to the battery timing. Not great but serviceable.


The Samsung Series 7 Gamer has a lot going on for it. Impressive specs paired with a professional and decent looking design along with a phenomenal screen makes this one of the best gaming laptops. Especially if you consider that this one is available for $1,899 the Samsung Series 7 Gamer seems an awesome choice. For your first gaming machine look no further than the Samsung Series 7 Gamer.

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