The Amazing Spiderman Review

Kevin December 10, 2012 0

The Amazing Spiderman is a brilliant game released by Gameloft. Currently, you can get it at the Google Play Store or App Store for $6.99.

The game is loosely based off of the new Spiderman movie with the same name, as you might have guessed, and it allows you to explore NYC on your smartphone, with a glimpse of being Spiderman.

The Amazing Spiderman truly is amazing. It looks and plays like a game from PS2 or the Xbox. A great bonus is free exploration, like in GTA games, or the Ultimate Spiderman. The controls couldn’t get any simpler – you control Spiderman’s movements with a touch screen joystick on the left, and on the right you have punches, webshooting, jumps, and swings. The game is as smooth as it can be, with only minor hickups when it comes to the joystick. This can be frustrating when you’re fighting, but it rarely occurs.

Different voice actors were used for the game, but they did a pretty decent job. The soundtrack sounds more like the older titles of Spiderman, rather than the new installments in the franchise.

The 3D mapping is bright and very clear, so there are little – to no grains present.

The Amazing Spiderman offers you a lot ofmissions and tasks to keep you occupied. It’s well worth the price, and if you’re looking for some entertainment on your device, this is definitelly your game. You won’t be able to end it in just one sitting, plus, as a little RPG bonus, you can improve Spiderman’s skills. Like I have said earlier, this title is well on par with PS2 and Xbox ones, and that fact alone should be enough to convince you to buy it. It’s not a short game, providing you with many hours of entertainment.

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