Zombiewood Review

Kevin December 5, 2012 0

You can’t deny that titles Gameloft releases are always top quality – one look at the N.O.V.A or Modern Combat series is enough to convince you of that.

What they do lack however, is originality, you know, something new and unique, to make it stand out among the huge crows. Gameloft is making serious money mind you, but it would really be nice to see those talented devs trying out something new.

Unfortunately, Zombiewood isn’t doesn’t have that new, fresh taste, but it’s a polished, entertaining game, plus you get to shoot zombies. In a way, it bring out the worst and best of Gameloft.

You start in the game as a stuntman with a taste for violence, and trucker hats. California has fallen, and it’s now populated with flesh muchers, and you act as the star of thriller zombie actions. The tasks you must complete are being given to you by a hack director.

Of course, every level comes with challenges you can complete, and these challenges give you reels. Collect enough of those, and you unlock the next level.

There’s nothing revolutionary or innovative about this game, but it offers enough entertainment to keep you cutting down zombie hordes for a long time.

Zombiewood isn’t exactly a breath of fresh air, but it’s not halitosis either. Just another game from Gameloft that’s tons of fun, and does everything in a great way. The game is polished maximally, but it still lack that taste of something new and original. Oh Gameloft, you’ll never learn.

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